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Three Peaks Crystal Snow Caps Pendant

Three Peaks Crystal Snow Caps Pendant

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Introducing our exquisite Three Peaks Crystal Mountain Pendant, a stunning piece of jewelry that captures the enchanting beauty of the Colorado wilderness. Designed by a talented artisan from Longmont, CO, this pendant is a tribute to the majestic mountain landscapes that inspire awe and wonder. The pendant features a captivating design of three mountain peaks, each delicately adorned with tiny crystals that shimmer like snowcaps under the moonlight. These sparkling gems contrast beautifully with the rest of the mountains, which boast a brushed finish, adding depth and texture to the scene.

Encircling this mountain vista is an elegant circular frame, symbolizing the unity and eternity of nature's cycles. Within this circle, the artistry of negative space creates the illusion of three flowing rivers, seamlessly integrating with the mountain motif and adding a dynamic element to the design. Perched subtly at the top is a little crescent moon, a gentle reminder of the night sky's quiet beauty and the ever-present cycle of day and night. This pendant is more than a piece of jewelry; it's a wearable piece of art that brings the serene and powerful essence of the Colorado mountains to your everyday life. Whether as a gift for a nature lover or a personal keepsake, this Three Peaks Crystal Mountain Pendant is a timeless symbol of the natural world's enduring splendor.


  • Sterling Silver with Rhodium Plating to resist tarnishing.
  • Adjustable chain from 16" to 18"
  • Pendant is approximately 1" in diameter

Care Instructions

A soft cloth or jewelry specific wipe is recommended. We also carry jewelry cleaning solutions that are made specifically for your type of metal and gemstones. For a thorough cleaning and inspection, bring it by our store. We have commercial grade equipment to perform a thorough cleaning, buffing and we can inspect your jewelry to make sure everything looks secure and intact.

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