Jewelry Warranty

We offer a one year warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any faults or damages that are deemed to be the manufacturer's fault. However, the warranty does not cover general wear and tear, loss of gemstones caused by damaged prongs or everyday wear or damage, loss or theft of the item, discoloration of the precious metals due to exposure to chemicals (e.g., makeup, cleaning chemicals, hot tubs, etc.), and issues with prongs that are often caught on things and can be loosened, bent, or worn out.

If the damage is deemed a manufacturing defect, Creekside Jewelers will repair the warrantied damage or replace the item when deemed appropriate without charge. Replacements are considered a one-time courtesy.

Estate and vintage jewelry are not covered as these items were not made by Creekside Jewelers. If an item of jewelry is not maintained to an acceptable level, resulting in it losing its integrity, it may not be covered by the warranty. Additionally, if the item is repaired or serviced by a jeweler other than Creekside Jewelers, the warranty will be voided.